Organizations are challenged today like never before as they navigate the complexities of a 'new normal'. 'Business as usual' is no longer the easy option to growth and sustainable success. Today’s workplace requires individuals and teams to think, behave and strategize in brand new ways. We get it.

About Us

Vision Co-Create's focus is centered around helping organizations create cultures of leadership and excellence that are purpose-driven and values-based, to ignite growth, transformation and sustainability. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Our strength is in our ability to offer you out-of-the-box solutions to fit your unique needs.

We are committed to making, and having, a positive impact through sound and ethical business practices, respect and regard for the environment, and investment in the social health and wellbeing of the communities in which we do business.

The Vision Co-Create brand reflects a set of principles and core values that form the foundation of our operations and activities:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Trust and respect
  • Fairness and equity
  • Openness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Humility

Why We Do It

We believe three key elements form the basis of building great organizations and great people.

Employee Alignment: Misaligned and disengaged employees are costing organizations millions of dollars of lost revenue. Building resilient and adaptive workplace environments ensures focus and improvement in purpose, process, productivity and people.

Active Leadership: A mindset of being and doing, a leader is one who champions limitless imagination, inclusion and participation; inspiring others, committed to developing their personal strengths and encouraging others to grow and excel at all levels of the organization.

Self Awareness: Making a conscious decision to gain insights into your true self, processing what you are experiencing, and learning to choose how you show up to play your game of life.


Who We Work With

We help:

  • mid-level executives looking to unleash their strategic talent development potential to re-ignite their teams to reverse lagging sales or productivity
  • small to medium-size enterprises challenged with managing dynamic change and growth
  • mid-stage entrepreneurs


How We Work

Our comprehensive process includes:

Needs & Opportunity Consultation: We take the necessary time to sit down and ensure that we fully discover what your challenges and opportunities are and how we can deliver results.

Customized Program: While every solution is unique, there are a variety of custom assessments, training & exercises included that are designed to support all participants’ development, including strategic talent development & management training programs.

Evaluation and Follow-up: It has been our experience that this is the key area that many consultants fall short on, failing to ensure that your investment of time and money generates your desired outcome. We believe that an evaluation & follow-up with key decision-makers is essential.



Solutions - No Two Are Alike

Each program is tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs and budget, but will include:

  • Needs & opportunities consultation

  • Module mix of: the Bigger Game training model, open discussions, ‘sound bite’ presentations, group work, case studies, role-plays and experiential exercises designed to support participants’ development, alignment and team effectiveness

  • Senior leadership and management training (either as part of overall program or as a separate one-day intensive)

  • Private coaching programs (available upon request)

  • Team assessment tool

  • Evaluation phase


The Vision Co-Create Leadership Program is designed to equip participants with the tools, system and plan to elevate their leadership skills and effectiveness.

A mix of self-awareness, formal learning and experiential group sessions, this program offers new insights into the relationship between purpose, achievement and fulfillment and their impact on personal performance.

This program is designed for:

  • High-potential emerging for-profit and non-profit business leaders

  • Mid and Late-career for-profit and non-profit executive leaders

  • Early-mid stage entrepreneurs

As a participant, you are provided with:

  • A deeper understanding of your behavioural traits, thinking style, interests and barriers to your continued success

  • Tools and strategies to help you move through those barriers

  • A concrete plan to help keep you on track to realizing your full potential

  • How to apply these learning’s to enhance yourself, your team and your organization’s results

Private Coaching

Coaching is a proven approach for helping people explore their goals and ambitions, and then achieve them. Coaching can help develop skills and abilities, boosting performance. It can help identify issues and challenges before they become major problems. In short, coaching can help anyone who wants to be and do more with their professional or personal life.

Our programs start with an initial meeting to discover all about you, what is holding you back, and exploring a way forward.

A 3, 6 or 12 month program is tailored specifically for you and your needs but all programs include a personal assessment and 'Ignition Roadmap to Success', personal and email contact.

If you're ready to work at being a better version of you, let's get going!

Vicki Cummings

President & Chief Ignition Officer

Vicki has over 30 years of professional and volunteer Board experience in the for profit and non-profit sector. Throughout her career, Vicki has worked with large and small non-profits, small businesses and large corporations across a variety of sectors. She is passionately driven by the potential of co-creating new possibilities through shared vision and value(s) that challenge the status quo. She is a professional coach and certified Bigger Game™ trainer with a clear focus on igniting people and organizations to unlock their potential for growth and transformation. Vicki is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to help clients find creative approaches to their challenging problems and opportunities.

“I know that when I’m living ‘in the zone’ of my purpose and potential, I am a powerful force for creation and transformation… I make shifts happen!”

Trish Maguire

Senior Ignition Partner

Trish has over 25 years of dedicated experience in human capital development. She is acknowledged for being an executive coach and trusted advisor with a clear focus on accelerating leadership development. Trish’s long time passion has been her curiosity in the relationship between leadership, people and business results. By fostering co-partnerships with clients, Trish ensures clients develop and integrate strategic and meaningful leadership goals with operational action plans. Her professional, adaptive and sensitive approach encourages clients to make positive and sustainable change by challenging personal thinking styles, values and ineffectual habits.

“My passion is people and I believe in the concept of “can do.” We have the ability to learn or do whatever we choose; our potential is unlimited and sometimes it needs an encouraging catalyst to be unlocked. I am deeply committed in co-partnering with my clients to help unlock their potential, maximize their strengths and discover their unique greatness.”